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Are you desperately searching for a creative Personal Loans lender that can offer you suitable loan packages on an urgent basis? If yes, EZfinder should be your first choice.

Online application methods, various loan packages for everyone, Swift application of the loan, flexible eligibility criteria and terms and conditions, and online transfer of funds and repayment are some main benefits of getting started with us. Contact us today for more information about different loan packages and choose the best financial as per your budget and cash requirements. Our experts are always happy to help you.

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EZfinder has helped over 2 million families fulfill their dream of buying a home.



Apply for graduate loans, student loans, and Undergraduate loans to help pay for a college education with easy EMI.



Apply today and get the best (cryptocurrencies) crypto loan without selling crypto assets.



Learn how to invest directly to grow your money and maximize your earnings without any risk.


Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation loan will bring you back in control and reduce your interest rate and EMI amount.


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    4 simple steps – no application fees

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  • Complete your application with instant banking verification!
  • Receive your loan via E-Transfer on the same day!
  • Pay off your loan by following the easiest repayment option!

Why Choose us?

  • 100%-Online-Application

    Borrow $100 – $10,000

  • Borrow-$100-$10000

    100% Online Application

  • No-Paperwork-Necessary

    No Paperwork Necessary

  • Bad-Credit-No-Refusal

    Bad Credit? No Refusal

  • Quick-Financing-Offer

    Quick Financing Offer

  • Money-Paid-Directly-to-Account

    Money Paid Directly to Account

How We Compare One Has Been Helping Canadians for Over 20 Years

Short Term Loans Why Use Us?
How much can new customers borrow? Up to $250,000 No fees, ever!
What are the repayment terms? 3 to 18 Months No paperwork
Approximate monthly cost of borrowing $100 $13 No obligation
Can I apply with bad credit? Yes Instant decision
Can I repay in instalments Yes Flexible repayment
Do we credit check?* Yes No credit footprint
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is EZFinder?

EZFinder is one of the most appreciated and top-rated payday lenders in the Canadian financial market. Over the years, it has successfully provided loans to many individuals. The overwhelming majority of people contact us for immediate cash arrangements.

We understand their situation and process their application quickly. As a result, they get the much-needed money in the shortest possible time. It allows them to meet all essential financial requirements with complete ease and comfort.

Our salient features include speedy Processing of applications, transparency in decision-making, and close cooperation with borrowers. If you are facing financial problems, contact us as soon as possible. We will look at your loan application and provide you with suitable financial assistance sooner than traditional lenders. Act now! We are always happy to help you!

How Does EZfinder Work?

EZFinder is always available at your service with its website. You can access it from any internet-enabled device from all locations and submit your application for the loan. Once we receive your application, a panel of loan experts will come into action. They will review the application from different angles.

Your employment records, monthly income, the requirement for money, and payment potential are essential to us. We will contact you regarding loan offers and discuss your money requirement in detail. You must meet the eligibility criteria and accept our terms and conditions to get the requested money.

We process applications faster and help people get emergency funds as soon as possible. With us, forget the hassles associated with traditional loans. No Collateral placement, no complicated documentation, and no credit checks! Just a simple application with correct details is sufficient for us.

We use the supplier information to process your request for the loan and determine your eligibility for it. So, please supply us with the correct information and increase your chances of getting approved for the loan. It’s so straightforward for everyone.

How Do Most People Use EZFinder?

To use EZFinder, individuals need to have an internet-enabled device. You can access our website anytime and from any location and see the available loan products. We have various loans which suit the financial needs of multiple individuals. Getting sufficient knowledge about loan products would be best before completing an application form with your details.

One of the main benefits of applying for loan products on our site is that you don’t have to go anywhere. So you get the loan with complete ease and privacy every time you deal with us. We understand the financial needs of all individuals with limited monthly income. Due to rapidly increasing inflation and the high cost of living in Canada, most people have negligible savings.

The majority share of their budget is consumed in meeting essential needs. The face cash crunches in the wake of unforeseen financial emergencies. Even close relatives and friends bluntly decline to offer financial help. We are always happy to help you in such difficult situations and ensure the immediate availability of cash.

It would be best if you did your homework before applying for a loan. It will help you to request a reasonable loan amount from us and get your application processed quickly. Always remember that our loan offers may differ from your expectations. So you must be flexible in your expectations and be ready to accept loan offers made by us.

Our consultants are always prepared to provide detailed information about different loan packages. It will help you choose the best financial aid per your budget and cash requirements. They help you understand different loan financial terms and make a suitable decision.

What Services Ezfinder Offer To Their Client?

Payday Loans

Payday loans are one of the most popular and appreciated cash arrangements made available by us. It is helpful when you have unavoidable financial emergencies and don’t have the funds to finance expenses. Eligible candidates can get CA$100 to CA$1000 for a short period of 30 days.

They can meet almost all emergency financial needs with the received money. The good thing about this loan package is that it is free from collateral placement and credit checks. So all Canadians with stable employment with recognized companies can apply for a loan.

They must be getting a good monthly salary in their bank account. We swiftly verify the supplied details and decide whether to give the loan to a borrower or not. Even flawed credit individuals are eligible to get small if they fulfill the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. After successful application and approval from the direct payday lender, you can get funds in 24 hours or as soon as possible.

Personal Loans

Undoubtedly, personal loans made available by us are bliss for individuals going through financial problems. Apply for personal loans now and get some much-needed money almost instantly for meeting all emergency financial needs.

The good thing about personal loans is that everyone can access them after fulfilling essential eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions. The actual loan amount depends upon the balance between your monthly expenses and income, the need for emergency funds, and your ability to pay back the loan.

Not collateral placement conditions and credit checks make it an ideal loan package for everyone. So please don’t waste your time and browse our website for loan applications. We will process your request for the loan quickly, enabling you to get the much-needed money soon in your bank account.

Debt Consolidation Loan

It is always difficult for a borrower to deal with different credit lenders and pay back different loans simultaneously. It becomes convenient for them if they can merge all loans and deal with only one direct payday Lender.

That is why we have offered a Debt Consolidation loan. It will allow you to combine all loans and deal with direct payday lender. One of the main benefits of this loan is that you get mental peace and tranquility in your life. There are no disturbing calls from other credits regarding loan repayment.

It allows you to pay back the consolidated loan conveniently and lead a peaceful life. Contact us for more information and loan consolidation. Our experts are always ready to help you with your questions and concerns and prepare your mind for debt consolidation.

Car Loans

Car loans are helpful financial assistance for all those who need money to purchase a car. Undoubtedly, having a car is the foundation of a good life. It allows us to move quickly from one location to another and save time and energy. However, purchasing a car requires a lot of money. It is impossible for individuals with limited monthly income.

That is why we have introduced car loans in the market. It allows individuals to get the much-needed funds to purchase their favorite car comfortably. We will look at your current employment condition and payment potential to determine the loan amount you must get. The good thing about car loans is that it is free from collateral placement and credit check formalities.

So you can apply for this financial package by meeting the eligibility criteria and getting the funds by accepting the terms and conditions of the loan. Online loan application is characterized by convenience, transparency, and swift Processing of requests. So don’t look here and there for car loans; get started with us now. We are always happy to help you with loan applications and acquisitions.

Home Loans

Home loans offered by us help needy individuals to purchase the desired home and lead a high-quality life. We all know that buying a home is not an easy task at all. We need to have a lot of money for that. It is very challenging for ordinary individuals to arrange a large sum of cash to purchase a dream home.

That is why home loans offered by us give great respite to individuals. Depending on their specific needs, they can apply for short-term or long-term home loans. Short-term home loans usually provide a small sum of money to individuals.

On the other hand, long-term home loans promise individuals a large sum of money for essential expenses. So what are you waiting for? Get started with us today and grab home loans conveniently from us—fast Processing of applications & 100% transparency.

Do You Accept People With Bad Credit?

Yes, of course. Individuals with bad credit scores can apply for different loan products on our site. However, they must meet all terms and conditions of the loan and convince us about timely loan repayment. They also need to display all sources of income and prove they have any resources for loan reimbursement.

What Documentation Do I Need To Apply For An EZFinder Loan?

  • Personal identification document,
  • Residence address,
  • Bank account details,
  • Employment contract,
  • Latest 3-month salary slips,
  • Latest 6-month bank account transaction details,
  • Latest images,
  • Social security number, etc.

What Does EZ Finder Take Fees For Their Loan Services?

No, we don’t take a processing fee when you use our site for loan applications and acquisitions. EZFinder provide our services free to all.